The 2017 WAGR Research Symposium (made possible by YOU!!)

What is “The Summit” and when was it?callout1

  •  The WAGR Research Symposium (“The Summit”, for short) is going to be a gathering of 25-30 experts in the field of Wilms’ tumor in children with WAGR syndrome (FROM AROUND THE WORLD!!!)
  • It was held May 1st and 2nd, 2017 at The University of Michigan.
  • Hosted by Dr. Peter Ehrlich (pediatric surgeon at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Surgical PI Wilms Tumor Committee Children’s Oncology Group).
  • This is a dream come true for so many people and it would not have been possible without every single one of you that donated your time, money and support to WAGR Warriors over the past few years.  Seeing you at all of our events means so much to us, and to so many families around the world. THANK YOU!!!!

How did this come about?

  • Prior to Emma’s treatment for Wilms’ tumor, there was a lot of ambiguity regarding the best treatment plan.callout3
  • After her first round of chemotherapy, her tumor actually grew!!
  • Research afterwards uncovered the fact that there is no consensus on best treatment of Wilms’ tumor in children with genetic predisposition and not much research into the area (pediatric cancer treatment research in general is underfunded).
  • WAGR Warriors was formed during Emma’s treatment and we were driven to jump start research in this area.
  • After discussing thoughts with various experts in the field, it was decided that the first thing needed was to come to a consensus on the best treatment, the current state of the research, and what needs to be researched in the short/long term.

What was discussed at “The Summit”?

  •  Basic Sciences, pathophysiology (why WAGR kids get Wilms tumors).
  • Radiographic surveillance (what tests need to be done to monitor for Wilms tumor).
  • Decision making regarding starting treatment (when there are unclear results what do you do).
  • Decision making regarding surgical approaches to treatment (when to do surgery and how).
  • What the current state of the research is (Dr. Ehrlich may present the results of a recently finished study in this area).
  • Where future research should be focused.
  • How we will get this research funded!!

What do we hope will happen as a result?callout2

  •  Hopefully, a published article on the best current treatment for Wilms’ tumor in children with WAGR Syndrome.
  • A consensus on what needs to be researched next.
  • A partnership with experts/researchers in the field that will allow meaningful future research to be performed.