WAGR syndrome is an extremely rare genetic syndrome in which affected children are predisposed  to develop Wilms tumor (a tumor of the kidneys), Aniridia (absence of the colored part of the eye, the iris), Genitourinary anomalies, and a Range of developmental delays.

Emma Gunckle – age 2 – was born with WAGR Syndrome and because of this, she is predisposed to many ailments throughout her lifetime. To name a few…at 10 months old, she battled kidney cancer (she is currently done with treatment, but the cancer could return at any time), she will more than likely be considered legally blind once she is old enough to read an eye chart and she will likely have a range of developmental delays.

“WAGR Warriors” was originally a team of runners participating in a local marathon to support Emma and her battle against cancer. WAGR Warriors has now grown to be a non-profit organization, inspired by Emma. The mission of the organization is to improve the lives of those affected by WAGR Syndrome and other rare diseases. The funds raised by the organization will go to supporting and promoting awareness of, and knowledge concerning WAGR Syndrome, and other rare diseases; supporting and promoting medical research and other organizations concerning the cause, prevention and therapeutic treatment of WAGR syndrome and other rare diseases; and providing aid and giving relief to, persons suffering from WAGR syndrome and other rare diseases and family members and caretakers of such persons.

Members of WAGR Warriors are all unpaid volunteers; thus every dollar raised will go directly towards our mission.